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    Save Environment
    Be Ready To Work With Us
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    Recycle Processing
    Using White Coal
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    Generate Renewable Energy
    With Briquetting Plant

Our Welfare Projects

We fight against pollution with our renewable energy product. We preserve environment by producing non conventional energy source.

Save Environment

Use renewable energy products and contribute to the environmental safety and preservation by producing non conventional energy source.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a socially and politically defined category of energy sources that comes from resources which are continually replenished.

Briquetting Plant

Briquetting plant is a latest equipment in which all types of farming waste and built-up waste are renewed into hard cylindrical form logs.

Green Energy

By helping to save earth with nenewable energy product, improve eco preservation statics to manage industrial & agricultural wastage.

Briquettes Raw Materials

  • Cummine Waste
  • Groundnut Shells
  • Macoddana Shells
  • Almond Shells
  • Forest Leaves
  • Cotton Salk
  • Bagasse
  • Jute Waste

Why Choose Us

We survive because natural world exists. The environment has grand power which has develop into incredibly helpful to the day to day existence of person. Inter dependence of person and natural world is absolute common fact. Thus the protection of natural world should be most important responsibility of mankind to maintain the natural background well balanced. Alertness towards the natural world will make possible the mankind to make use of permanent stream of natural power.

Global Agrotech Engineering works on primary reality that 'we exist because nature exist'. And pleasing into consideration the very important responsibility of the environment into the day to day existing of mankind, Global Agrotech Engineering are manufacturing the result which has turn into very supportive to protect the natural world by reusing and recycling a number of time-honored energy sources, industrial ravage and agricultural waste. The equipment which we are manufacturing is 'Briquetting Plants' which helped to maintain the stability of natural world by its production of recycled manufactured goods i.e. Briquetted white Coals.

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