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We survive because natural world exists. The environment has grand power which has develop into incredibly helpful to the day to day existence of person. Inter dependence of person and natural world is absolute common fact. Thus the protection of natural world should be most important responsibility of mankind to maintain the natural background well balanced. Alertness towards the natural world will make possible the mankind to make use of permanent stream of natural power.

Global Agrotech Engineering works on primary reality that 'we exist because nature exist'. And pleasing into consideration the very important responsibility of the environment into the day to day existing of mankind, Global Agrotech Engineering are manufacturing the result which has turn into very supportive to protect the natural world by reusing and recycling a number of time-honored energy sources, industrial ravage and agricultural waste. The equipment which we are manufacturing is 'Briquetting Plants' which helped to maintain the stability of natural world by its production of recycled manufactured goods i.e. Briquetted white Coals.

Let us join our hands to preserve nature devoid of pollution and enlarge the existence of mankind.

Our Skills

  • We associate in manufacturing briquettes and briquetting plants for surplus 10 years.
  • We have well recognized workshop which can meet the constraint to manufacture Briquetting Plant Machine.
  • We have enough instrument opportunity which is helpful for manufacturing procedure.
  • Our mechanical staffs are well skilled with manufacturing techniques.
  • Our executive employees are well skilled with promotion and industrial ground rules of the product.
  • We have education capability for the buyers of briquetting plants also.


  • We are using standard parts like "Elecon" gear and forged EN 24 shaft etc.
  • We manufacturing products by using standard parts like "Elecon" gear and forged EN 24 shaft etc.
  • Our production line is under strict management.
  • We provides Turnkey basis services.
  • We look after our customer until they are self satisfactory for production and we also provides one year after sales service without charges.